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This is a very active and fun club and will help you to enjoy your car with like-minded people.

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Hendrix Wire Wheel! They run a first class operation. I took 10 wire wheels with tires to him. Alan tuned the wheels & shaved the tires to ensure they were round. We have had an E-type for 32 years & never knew it could be so smooth. He also sells Dayton wire wheels. You may want to consider purchasing new tires & or wheels from him & let him mount, balance & shave the tires. 



Moss Motors has been selling parts for British Cars for years and is a great source for your parts.  Fast service and easy to work with.



Victoria British has been providing and selling parts for years for many of our British cars.



White Post Restoration is a company that I use to have hydraulic parts rebuilt/re-sleeved. White Post has an excellent guarantee and a fast turn around time.  The parts come back looking like new. Not the cheapest but perhaps one of the best. White Post also does restorations of a very high quality.



For you guys looking for Triumph Wedge parts, Rimmer Brothers (located in England) is an excellent source. I have found fast service and good quality in most cases from this company.

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I have found that the parts distributors get their parts from many different manufactures and have both good and poor quality parts. Some parts are better from one company but the other company may have some other parts better then that company.  I like parts that are the closest to factory original for both fit, function, and finish.

Join a car club and get involved.

If you get involved, you will find the true value of a car club.



This club is dedicated to Triumph Wedge Owners and Lovers. They are very helpful in sorting out problems that may crop-up on these great cars.




SuperLite Wheels - Australian made. A nice alternative to your standard wheel. They have a classic look, at a decent price. SuperLite has many off-sets to match your car.




If you are into MGs and especially MGBs, this is a great organization to join. This is the site for the North American MGB Register.



If you are looking for a club in your area, this website should help. You can click on the US map for your state to find the club nearest to you.


Web links to help your further enjoyment of this great British car hobby.



You MGC people will appreciate this one, American MGC Registry



This one it for all of you Triumph Enthusiasts. The club includes all Triumphs providing great information.  Vintage Triumph Registry



Let me know if you would like me to include your website here. All of these sites must pertain to British Cars.


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