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We pour the fun back into

British Sports Cars!

Working to keep British Sports Cars fun and alive for you! Remember “Restore, Don’t Crush”!

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Are your tired seats taking on this shape or just plain falling apart?

Let me rebuild them

for you.

My love for mechanical things goes back to childhood. My father and I built a three wheeled motorized cart and from that time on my interest was in anything motorized.  The British Sports Car bug bit me in 1969 when I saw and then bought a blood red 1966 MG Midget.  The car had a bunch of things wrong and I slowly starting correcting each issue.  I had a head gasket go on me late in the day and needed the car back on the road since it was my main transportation.  I pulled the head and  delivered  it to the local MG dealer, asking if they could do a valve job on it since it was off the car.  The owner couldn’t believe that the head was still hot and asked if I would consider working for him.  As I was about to start college in a few months I had to turn the offer down. Through the years I have owned a number of MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars and Austin Healeys. 

I am a small shop and I only service, repair or restore on one or two cars at a time.  By doing it this way, it allows me to get your car in and out quickly (unlike the large shops that hold your car hostage for months at a time).  If I can’t do the work you need, I will  try to find someone who does.  I promise that I won’t ever blow smoke up your tail pipe.  I take photos as I work on your car to keep you in-touch with what I am doing to your baby.

While your car is with me I invite you to email or call anytime.

Please remember, “restore don’t crush”!

                                                                 Brad Wik

 We pour the fun back into

British Sports Cars!

Beautiful ‘68 TR 250 brought to me in pieces and not running.

Jaguar E-Type head pulled.

Don’t you just love

British cars?


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